1966 – 1967 Alan Dingle

Membership: 26 – 20

Our Club faced a grave problem with the drop of membership and also held the lowest attendance record in our Distrct. This was caused, of course by the inconvenience of our weekly meeting place and the limited geographical area to recruit members.
Through the effort of President Alan and the Directors, our boundary lines were extended and it provided our Club with considerable scope to increase our membership.
In early 1967, we had our first luncheon meeting with European food at the new Carlton Hotel. The attendance record started to go up and members felt that they could invite guests with pride and could also try to recruit more new members. However, it was still inconvenient for overseas visiting members to make-up at our Club.
For Community Service, a sum of $30,000 was raised and reserved to join in the following year for a more substanial and meaningful projects.