1979 – 1980 Fred Manville

Membership: 47

During this Rotary year, Pres. Fred had the priviledge to be involved with the 75th Anniversary of Rotary International. The significance being a joint project of all Rotary Clubs in Hong Kong and Macau.
The target of One Million Dollars was accomplished and was matched dollar for dollar by the Hong Kong Government. All monies went to the construction and its contents for the Rotary Rehad Aid Information Centre at Sandy Bay, Hong Kong.
With such a large project, our Pres. Fred did not neglect our own Community Service projects, one of which was a small but scheduled parkland area in Shatin New Town. This is today a popular area for both the young and elderly; we also equipped a home for the elderly with warm winter blankets.
Our Club had many fellowship functions, Pres. Fred once said The fellowship which Rotary organizes, not only allows good companionship but a feeling of well being, knowing one can help those perhaps not as fortunate as oneself.