1992 – 1993 Nick Samtani

Membership: 32 – 29

During this year, two of our members were transferred by their companies to Singapore, 3 members resigned, and 2 members were inducted.
To support PDG Joseph Lee as Chairman for the Rotary Foundation Committee in our District, our Club became a benefactor of the Rotary Foundation.
At the District Conference, our Club received an award for it’s “Balanced Service” record. PP Ronald Yuen received the District Fellowship award.
We welcomed 3 new Paul Harris Fellows in our Club, Miss Christina Lee, Miss Britta Lee, and PP Robert Ho.
Our Annual Fund Raising Ball raised a record $136,000. The Ball was very well attended and everybody enjoyed the performance of the Cathay Pacific Choir! Thanks to Rtn. Klaas Oreel, who arranged the entertianment.
For the first time our Club won the District Rotary Bridge Tournament. Well done PP Ronald Yuen and VP Peter Scholz.
On Community Service, our Club donated $57,000.00 for the New Ebenezer School and Home for the Blind. Further donations were made to Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Playright, Mother’s Choice, The Hongkong Association for the Mentally Handicapped, Care Aware, and Kelly Support Group. Internationally, we made a donation to our Sister club Mandaluyong for their 30th Anniversary. We also contributed to the “Bosnia-Croatia” Appeal by the R.I. President.
Our members also visited HACTL’s operation at Kai Tak as part of our Vocational Service.
Our Interact Club was very active and the members also participated in the District Tree Planting event as our guest. Thank you PP Peter Lo for your support to our Interacters.
To show our support to “Preserve Planet Earth”, our Club donated funds to the statue which was unveiled by R.I. President Cliff Dochterman in Shatin in May.
Peter Scholz acted as counselor for a Rotary Scholar from the U.S.A.
During the year the fellowship events were enjoyable as is traditional in our Club.
Our Club hosted the intercity meeting in honour of the vist of past R3 President Royce Abbey.