1996 – 1997 John T. Glass

Membership: 28 – 43

The year will be remembered by the sad demise of PP Ronald Yuen.
The membership of our Club remained fairly stable throughout the year with the induction of three new members including our Clubs first female member. During the year, our Club enjoyed Vocational Service visits to the San Miguel Factory adn to teh USS Enterprise. For Community Service, we gave particular support to the Kwai Shing School for multply handicapped children in the form of text books, a Pre-Marriage Handbook with the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, and a donation to Youth Outreach. On the international front, we joined our Sister Club, Jurong Town, in a matching grant with the Rotary Club of Marondora, Zimbabwe to provide water pumps for Bulawayo, a village in Zimbabwe, where the villagers had no immediate acces to water. Unfortunately, at the last moment the project was cancelled due to political turmoil in the country.
The year will also be marked with a Major Donation to the Rotary Foundation by Rtn. Bill Benter.