2005 – 2006 Howard Davies

This year saw the continuation of a number of longstanding projects, and their extension.
Sponsorship for CNCF Mongolia covered 40 children’s education and covered the costs of a doctor and medical supplies.

The Du’an initiative paid for computers in the middle school and then, with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, took up the issue of trachoma and eye health care of village children and improvement of the water supplies and sanitation of village schools.

Camp Quality, Christian Action, Stride for a Cure, Poly U Optometry for Special Needs and Crossroads also continued to receive support. In order to assist with tax relief and encourage donations towards the Club’s project, a Trust was established.

From 4 to 12 March 2006, President Howard took part in the United World College school trip to North Korea, which was an historic moment – dancing in the schoolroom, no less!

Funds were something of a concern due to the number of pledges already made, but by the end of the year fund raising had restored healthy balances of around $HK200,000.

Fellowship throughout the year included a bowling night, the Hawaiian Evening at the Kowloon Cricket Club and a fund-raising dinner at the Harilela Mansion, courtesy of PP Gary and his family.

Membership increased slightly with a resignation and 2 inductions.

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