2013 – 2014 Rainer Jungjohann-Ott

Dear fellow Rotariens, visitors & friends

It is a great pleasure form me to take over the position as president of Rotary Club of Kowloon North . Living in Hong Kong for a little more than 2 years I feel honoured and privileged to take over this position.

After joining Rotary in 2001 in Hamburg-Norderstedt I have found my Rotary Home in this club and really enjoy the time I can spend together with all of you and helping people in need in our various projects and activities.

The new motto of our RI President Ron Burton is: Engage Rotary- Change Lives. This is a good motto for all of us and I see this also as a challenge living up to it in this new Rotary Year, starting on 1st July.

Rotary is based, as it always has been, on our core values: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity and leadership. These are the values that define us as Rotarians: they are the values

We live by, and the values we strive to bring to communities we serve.

Every one of us in Rotary is here because we were invited, and because we made a choice to accept that invitation but we also face another choice: weather to just be a member of a Rotary Club, or truly be a Rotarian.

Being a Rotarian is a commitment that goes far beyond just showing up at meetings once a week. What I like to achieve together with all of you in our club is more fellowship activities within our club, together with other clubs and community service in our projects and Hong Kong in general.

I want to make us more visible and also attractive to new members so that we can grow our Club and support more projects and people in need in order to change lives.

I need all your support and friendship as I am still a “Newcomer” in Hong Kong. And we have a very special event this Rotary year. The 40th Anniversary for Rotary Club of Kowloon North. In june 2014. This is really special and a celebration we should look forward to.

Another milestone decision from RI is that our district is now showing new boundaries. District 3450 : Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, and the People’s Republic of China- Guangdong Province.

So you can see already now that there a lot of things going on in this new year where we can Engage in Rotary and change lives.

Thank you

Rainer Jungjohann-Ott

President 2013-14