Volume 01 Issue 03

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Its been a relatively quiet week for the Club and I haven’t any new photos. Rather than let this space go blank, here is a photo from the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour, who jointly sponsored a charity walk with the Scout Association last Sunday.

Front Row Center is President Veronica Kwong


We had an enjoyable meeting last week, although attendance was only fair, with 16 members present. PP Steve returned from his long absence, and we were joined again by Nicole Burt who has become something of a regular at our club events.

Rotary Information:

Past President Steve gave us an informative talk on the history of the Sampan logo which appears at the top of this bulletin. It was designed during the 1982-83 Rotary year, and there were two earlier versions which were later replaced by the one above.

To test your memory, here is Past President Peter’s Rotary Quiz ( I am going to keep presenting this until everyone gets it 100% correct ).

Last Friday’s Speaker:

We all enjoyed an ‘educational’ presentation by Rotarian Dan on the workings of the Vocational Training Council, and the different institutions and programs which that body runs. The many questions asked at the conclusion of Dan’s talk was a sign of the important role that education plays in Hong Kong society. Well done Dan!

International Service:

Community Service Director Brian received the Completion Report for the Three Schools Project which he has kindly translated into English for the benefit of our members. This report expresses, in the words of our Chinese partners, the way they view this successful project, and the gratitude they feel towards Rotary.

The first payment was made last Monday towards the purchase of baby formula for the “China Baby Formula Project”. A preliminary report is taking shape, which will be completed in due course.

Club Service:

Banner designs is the topic of the moment, and as requested I have had some variations done on the “Sampan” theme. If you go the above links and click on numbers 1 – 12 you can see various banner designs. The questions are:

1) What colors are best?

2) What should the wording say?

3) Should we include the club name in Chinese?

Please consider these issues and let me know your views. Just to confuse things, I have included a few new designs 13 – 15. These are interesting, but perhaps a bit too nontraditional for our club.

This Friday’s Speaker:

Tomorrow we have a Mr. David Fung of St. James Settlement ( who happens to be a classmate of our own Brian Wong ). He will be speaking about St. James’ programs for the elderly. Please pay close attention, as our club is considering undertaking a service project with St. James Settlement.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Yours in Rotary,

President Bill