Volume 01 Issue 13

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

It seems like every week is a busy week in Rotary, but this week has been busier than most. I am pleased to report that Past President Uncle George has been discharged from the hospital, and is now resting at home. Uncle George’s sister informs us that our many visits were greatly appreciated. We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he can attend one of our regular meetings soon.

Our Club’s Rock ‘n Roll Fund Raising Evening has proved even more popular than we anticipated. Tickets are now going for $5,000 on the black market. ( just kidding ). We were hoping for 130 guests, and we now have something in the neighborhood of 170. There is a limit to how many people the venue can accommodate and we are very close to that. Please make sure that Ramesh knows exactly how many guests you are planning to bring. Be nice to him and he just might let you bring one or two more.

International Service:

Past President Steve and I visited the Rotary Club of Ama last Monday.

With President Suzuki

For a report, please click here.

A group of us went to Guangzhou on Wednesday in connection with one of our Club’s International Service Projects. As this is the China Baby Formula Project, it is fitting that the report was prepared by our own Baby Rotarian, Nicole.

Please click here for Nicole’s report.

Last Friday’s Speaker:

Last Friday our own Past President Gilbert answered questions on the subject of the “New Copyright Laws”. Gilbert pointed out that the use of pirated software in one’s business is now a criminal offense. He also made it clear that a strict reading of the new code made many common practices of copying and distributing printed materials such as newspapers into serious breaches of the law.

Past President Gilbert

This was the second talk on this subject in as many weeks, and again it proved very popular with the membership. The continuous string of questions at the end showed no sign of ending and President Bill was forced to call an end to the meeting so that we could all get home in time for dinner. We may just have to visit this topic again.

This Friday’s Speaker:

This week we have Mr. Donald Lui who is a physiotherapist. He will be speaking to us about physiotherapy oddly enough.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Yours in Rotary,

President Bill