Volume 01 Issue 16

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

It is now Thursday morning, and I am writing this in my hotel room in Bangalore, where I am visiting on business. Bangalore is known in India as the “Garden City”, and the environment is lush and tropical as can be seen below.

View from my hotel balcony as of five minutes ago

A group of typically attired Indian ladies

I have learned from signs in the lobby of my hotel (Sheraton Towers, Bangalore) that there are at least three different Rotary Clubs which meet here. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to visit any of them, though I had brought some of our club banners along with me to exchange, just in case I got the chance. Be sure when you go traveling to bring some banners. You can pick up a supply at any of our regular meetings.

By now you must be thinking that it has been a slow week in Rotary if I am filling the Sampan with travel photos. This of course is not the case, and this past week may well be regarded by many as the best week of the year for our club, due to the great success of our Rock ‘n Roll Evening last Saturday.

David, PE Jimi, Nicole, and IPP Roy

A full report with more pictures will be posted in due course, but a word (or three!) of thanks is due to Ramesh and Regina, and Bruce and Ann for their efforts at making this event a success.

Last Meeting:

There was a note of sadness in last Friday’s meeting as Rotarian Jenny made a farewell statement. Jenny announced some time ago that she would be moving back to Australia, thus making it impossible for her to attend our meetings.

Jenny bids us farewell

Although Jenny had only been a member of our Club for two years, she will surely be missed by all. We wish her all the best and hope that she quickly finds a new Rotary home in Sydney.

Last Friday’s Speaker:

Mr. Christian Havrehed gave a talk about his upcoming attempt to row across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey will last 60 days, and the contestants are not allowed any support during the trip. Mr. Havrehed has dedicated any funds that he can raise by this effort towards the cause of providing scholarships for students from China to attend Atlantic College in the UK.

Bon voyage and good luck, Christian

Mr. Havrehed has also established a web site to help promote his effort. It was suggested by Rotarian Nic that our Club might like to contribute to this cause. This suggestion met with general approval and will be taken up by the board at its earliest opportunity.

This Friday’s Speaker:

Tomorrow our guest speaker is Mr. Dan Waters of the Royal Asiatic Society, who will be talking to us about that organization

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Yours in Rotary,

President Bill