Volume 07 Issue 02

Luncheon Meeting 4th August 2006
Prepared by Rotarian Pauline

President Maureen is back! There were no visiting Rotarians at this meeting, but we have a few guests: Gilbert’s colleague Lawrence, Maureen’s daughter Sheridan and her friend Dave Poet.

The box raised $1000 today, and the money will be used to purchase tickets for a Magic Show which will be held from August 11-13 at the HKCEE. The star magician will be the internationally renowned Rick Thomas. Entrance ticket costs $20, and to see Rick Thomas, the cost is $100 per head. All money from ticket sales will go to Rotary District’s Disaster Relief Fund.

The speaker today was President Maureen, who has prepared a powerpoint of some announcements, going on to what we will/can do in the coming year, and ending up with Gilbert leading everyone singing “Singing in the Rain” (rather appropriate with the rain and wind howling outside the hotel)! The lyrics were provided as well! So everyone has to sing.

  1. An E-club dinner will be held on the 18 th August at Regal Causeway Bay.
  2. The Rotaract Group will be meeting on 24 th August, 6pm at RIC.
  3. Sampan has been updated (eh… as much as possible), thanks to Andrew and Pauline
  4. DG will be visiting (Area 7 joint meeting) on the 19, 20 or 21 September
  5. We have submitted two proposals for matching grants (District Simplified Grants)
    • Wheelchairs for disabled children in Vietnam
    • Fittings and furnishing of homes for Leprosy Affected People in Guangxi, China

(post-meeting note: Both proposals were not supported. It appeared that a major criterion was the amount of Club involvement in the Project and visiting the sites of action did not rate highly.

However, never say die! That’s our motto. What we should do (said President Maureen) is to raise funds for ourselves. With respect to the Wheelchairs for Vietnam, we need to get the cash back from the District. For the leprosy Affected People we need to raise about $20,000.)

  1.  Interact Variety Show 2006 will be held on the 19 th August, and all Rotarians are invited to support this event. The objectives of this show are:
    1. arouse social awareness of HIV/AIDS, especially among young people
    2. advocate the work of Rotary International and Interact at a social level
    3. support youngsters in the community in pursuing their dream of a better world
    4. develop Interactors’ skills in leadership, organization and communication
    5. raise funds for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)
  2. The next RI Convention will be held at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in June 17-20, 2007.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Meeting on the 18 th August will be at Christian Action (NOT Golden Mile)
  4. (post-meeting note: Christian Action cannot host us, so PE Angela will confirm the venue later)
  5. There will be a Board Meeting at the KCC on 29 th August, 6.30 pm. All are welcome. For those who wish to boost up their attendance record, don’t miss this opportunity for a make-up.
  6. Next week, Prof. Rob Reed from Northumbria University (UK) will be speaking to us on, “ Simple Ways to Clean Water”
  7. Angela’s friend, Eva will be inducted next week. Please come and bring a friend.


I’m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain What a glorious feelin’

I’m happy again

……….. After the group singing, since it was Michael’s birthday on 25th July, we sang him a belated Happy Birthday.

Next week… don’t forget to join us and bring a friend.

Until next meeting…….