Volume 07 Issue 12

Intercity Meeting 21st November 2006
(prepared by President Maureen & Rotarian Pauline; Photos from Rotarian Emba)

Hong Kong was specially honoured this month by a visit from RI President Bill Boyd. The Rotarians of Hong Kong were given the chance to meet the this year’s leader, Bill Boyd at a special Intercity Dinner held at the Kowloon Shangri-La on 21st November.

President Maureen was invited to a pre-dinner cocktail where all this year’s Lead-the Way Presidents were introduced to President Boyd and heard a short speech about his work and hope for the future of RI. Of course there were lots of photos.

At the dinner, Kowloon North was very well represented: Pres Maureen, PE Angela, VP David, PP Ramesh, PP Ian, PP Bill and a Journalist guest,   PP Bruce, PP David, Rtn Pauline, Rtn Colman, Rtn Papu and his lovely wife, Rtn Emba and PP Gilbert.

A good time was had by all. Only sorry Francis and Suzie had to cancel due to other engagements.

Always cheerful….

Hmm….. why am I here?… PP Gilbert day-dreaming?

PP Ramesh with Rtn Papu and Pauline and, in case you missed it, there is PP Ian in the back

Until next meeting…….