Volume 08 Issue 02

Report of meeting on 27 July 2007
(Prepared by IPP Maureen Boost)

This was the last meeting to be held in Hari’s Bar before our return to our usual room. Almost two tables full with the help from some visitors. Isabel, visiting Rotarian from Canada was amazed to find she had relatives living in just the next road to where IPP Maureen had lived in UK.

Larger viewThis week’s talk was about snoring and before commencing Dr Amos warned us not to fall asleep as we would be recorded!

At age 30 – 35 20% of men and 5% of women snore but by age 60 it is 60% of men and 40% of women! It is suggested progesterone may help prevent younger women from snoring!

What increases snoring? – obesity, tiredness an drinking alcohol. Most animals don’t snore – someone should tell my dog!

Although many consider snoring to be just a nuisance, it can indicate we are suffering form sleep apnoea – we may stop breathing for more than 10 secs and then breathe in strongly as we are lacking in oxygen. But for the suffering partner it can mean sleepless nights too as some snorers can hit 92 decibels – the same noise level as a diesel engine! Where does the noise come from? – the soft palate, the uvula, tonsils and tongue which loose muscle tone and vibrate.

So what does the partner do? Wakes up the snorer, wears ear muffs, moves next door!! Laugh and the world laughs with you; Snore and you sleep alone!

Apnoea may be due to lack of brain stimulation to breathe but more commonly is due to obstruction in the throat, Sleep apnoea is associated with a lot of problems including hypertension, heart failure, stroke, headaches and impotence. About 2 – 6% of the Hong Kong population suffer from sleep apnoea.

late night drinking gifts, late night drinking gift, late night drinking merchandise, gifts for late night drinking, gift for late night drinkingThe symptoms include snoring, apnoea, frequent waking in the night, nocturia, and insomnia at night. In the day time, lack of sleep leads to headaches, sleepiness, memory deficits, poor concentration, sore throat, depression and impotence.

So how to stop? – wear a chin strap Hmm – looks a bit odd – neighbours might get worried and call the Police!


No drinking alcohol for at least 4 hours before bedtime – Hmm, that might mean some people NEVER go to bed!

Sew a tennis ball to the back of pyjamas – oh yes!! That would work!

Risk Free 60 day money back guarantee!

So how did we do? Good news –

NO-ONE fell asleep during the talk – Thanks Amos!


Report of Meeting of 3 August 2007

Back to our usual meeting place – but what a difference!! Room looks great (Note: we had better have good attendance – people will want this room!!!)

Visitors – Jane from Golden Mile, and the President of our sister club in Singapore, Jurong Town.

Reports – Shamila from Christian Action gave us update about the children of the asylum seekers – Bill has very kindly sponsored another year of funding to cover school buses, school uniforms, text books, and lunches for 43 children for the coming school year. Without this help the children would not be able to go to school (Government provides the school place – but none of the essentials!!)


Our speaker today was from the Youth Business Hong Kong, Ms Louis Lau. This is a programme which aims to make our teenagers into Entrepreneurs! (Actually the programme is open to people up to age 35). Proposals for setting up new businesses are carefully scrutinized and the fledgling company can borrow up to HK $100,000 over a two year period as seed capitol. Eight new ventures have benefited including hair salons, and website producers.

Rotarians can help by serving as mentors to young people setting up their businesses. Mentoring involves meeting the young people 3 or four times over the year to help and support and advise. If you can help email: ybhksg@hkfyg.org.hk

Date for your diary – Visit to People Affected by Leprosy in Sichuan, 15 – 21 October. The visit will include seeing the medical centres at two of the villages which have been built as a result of a kind donation of one of our members. It is a mountainous area and the trip should be quite spectacular – names please to Maureen.

President of our sister club in Singapore, Jurong Town

Until next meeting…….