Volume 13 Issue 06

Vision Screeening in Guangxi Province

On November 17, 2013 we started our 4-day trip to Nanning and from there by bus to Mashan.

In the way to Mashan we stopped at the very remote leprosis village where we met the remaining group of lap-people. We had bought a new refrigerator on the way in a small town and donated this brand-new gift which will help them to keep fresh food much better. They never had a fridge before and the washing-machine that Maureen and her team donated to them 2 years ago ist still working well kept.

Pauline Cho had prepared the vision screening trip and gathered a team of highly motivated volunteers and professionals.

A small group of us went up into the remote mountain areas where we visited our village school project that we support for some years. A very touching experience and very much needed. We found that we can further support the children, who live there during the week, with a solar hot water panel. So far the children had only cold water and in the winter time it gets very cold during the nights.

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Regular Club Meeting on Friday, 22nd November

Visiting Rotarian from India : PP Ramesh Motwani of RC Muland Mumbai. Ramesh visited our Club last time in 1983 when he was
president of his Club in India. Very good to have him back last friday.

Guest: William Ho

Guest Speaker: Christine Stewart of the Hong Kong Institute of Etiquette
Topic: Teaching Western Etiquette in Hong Kong

We all enjoyed a very entertaining and interactive speach of Christine who founded the Institure 5 years ago. She highlighted typical Do’s and Don’ts which was a very good reminder and also update on new rules of Etiquette. The 3 different major schools of Etiquette ( French, Swiss/German and London) have differences and sometimes that may lead to confusion. Here in Hong Kong the London School of Etiqette is the dominat direction we should follow. Christine gave a lot of practical tips which we will all follow from now on of course. Christine is also teaching in China and her clients are corporations, private individuals and children. She calls that also soft-skills training and covers much ore than only table manners. A very inspiring, educational and entertaining speach.

Stride for a Cure Walk on sunday 24th

Some of our members, family , friends and Rotaractors joined this important and wonderful event this sunday. All together we could activate 60 participants. We enjoyed a sunny sunday walk of 5 or 10 km distance through the scenic Tai Tam Country Park. A perfectly organised event which we all enjoyed. See the attached image which also shows our birthday-boy of the day, Nic Robinson. Together with 2534 participants Nic could celebrate his 81st birthday. The picknick at the end of the walk gathered all participants on the sports ground of the HK International School. A colourful program on the main stage was a perfect entertainment for the crowds and Sally LO, Founder and Chief Executive of the HK Cancer Fund, thanked all sponsors and supporters of this important event. Our Club was highlighted by Sally and we thank our generous donor PP Bill for his generous support again.