Volume 99 Issue 02

Community Service Director Chris announced that the Terry Fox Run will be held on November 7th.

Our Club will be fielding a strong team like last year, and many of our Interactors will be attending as well. Members who would like to join this year’s run are asked to contact PE Bill for futher details.

Last Friday’s speaker was Ms. Natalija Novta from Li Po Chun United World college. Ms. Novta spoke about her native country Yugoslavia and the problems which that country is now facing. Ms. Novta showed a series of slides, one of which was the results of a survey conducted in Yugoslavia which asked people to name their biggest cause of satifaction. A common answer was “The fact that we are still alive”. Ms Novta continued with an analysis of the political landscape in Yugoslavia which showed the complexity of the current situation. Her talk was followed by several questions, and the meeting ended up running a bit late. However, all present were highly impressed with the scope of Ms. Novta’s presentation, especially coming from someone who is young. As we were running late, President Bruce thanked the speaker and closed the meeting with a toast to R.I.