1973 – 1974 Philip Lai

Membership: 41 – 49

The Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary by having:-
A Fellowship evening called Hawaian Night during the visit of District Governor John Yuen was most unique.
Fund Raising Gala Premier showing Lady Sings the Blues at Washington Theatre, arranged by V.P. George Chu was a success.
The 10th Anniversary Ball was held at the Ondine Room of Miramar Hotel. Under the Ball Chairman V.P. George Chu, the Ball raised a charity fund of $80,000. A Great Success!
At the 14th District Conference at the City Hall, 5 Awards were presented to our Members:-
– Pres. Philip Lai – Club Attendance & Community Service
– PP Sidney Chang – Membership Requirements & Classification Principles
– PP Jack Woolfenden – Duties of Incoming Presidents
– PP Stephen Sung – Attendance Requirements
– VP George Chu – Program and Slides Show
President Philip also became a Paul Harris Fellow this year, after his Rtnne. Vilma last year. A true sense of Ladys First!
Our Club enjoyed good Program under VP George Chu. Every time we had a VIP Speaker, sure enough people from news media including TV followed in. We had good publicity. However, many a time, our Club name appeared in the papers as Rotary Club of Kowloon, not Kowloon North as it should appear.