Volume 01 Issue 06

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Let me first begin with a special appeal to all of you to make an effort to attend all or part of this weekend’s District Conference. I feel that perhaps I have not promoted this event adequately within our club. The event kicks off on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. There will be a black-tie Governor’s Banquet on Saturday evening and a full and interesting programme is planned. It is still not too late, and it is possible to register for just the conference, the banquet, or both. IPP Bruce, PE Ramesh, PP Jenny and myself will be there throughout, and we would be happy if you could join us.

I was out at the airport this evening as part of the welcoming delegation for the conferences’ Guest of Honor, and I snapped this photo of RI Director-Elect, Mr. Toshio Itabashi and his wife Ritsuko.

The District officials were out in force, and the excitement surrounding the District Conference was very much in evidence.

Last Friday’s Speaker:

Mr. Alan Lee from the Fire Services Department gave us a look at fire prevention in Hong Kong and discussed some of the regulations which that Department is proposing.

Mr. Alan Lee

We are all pleased that the Fire Services Department engages in this kind of community outreach. Possibly this is one of the reasons why fire safety is comparatively extremely good in Hong Kong.

Community Service:

A group of 94 children, volunteers and family members from Camp Quality attended last Sunday’s District Tree Planting Day. As advertised, this event was a pleasant and relaxing way to spend a Sunday. After the buses returned us to Kowloon Tong, we took our guests to lunch at nearby Festival Walk.

A young CQ planter inspects her work

At this event, instead of being recipients, our Camp Quality children were contributors. Between them they raised over 12 thousand dollars for the Preserve Planet Earth Fund, which exceeded the amounts raised by any other group in attendance. The children were not given any special treatment, and they walked and planted trees along with all of the others. In a small way we are helping to pass on the Rotary principle of “Service Above Self”

International Service:

Please keep up the search for a suitable young person to participate in a Youth Exchange with The Rotary Club of Paignton in the UK. Mr. Charles Durkin who visited us last week was very keen to promote this worthy idea.

Also noted at last meeting was PP Steve’s suggestion that we consider the idea of a “Senior Exchange” with the same Club. This is an excellent idea, and I am requesting that our senior members consider pioneering this novel initiative.

This Friday’s Speaker:

In a radical departure from the string of very senior and serious speakers of recent weeks, tomorrow we have the very young and charming Ms. Shirley Hung who will be talking about her life as a student at the United World College. Ms. Hung is in part supported by our Club in her studies, and is here to share her experiences with us. It has been some time since we have enjoyed a young person’s company at one of our meetings and it should be a welcome change of pace.

Yours in Rotary,

President Bill