Volume 07 Issue 08

Report of Meeting, 20th October 2006
(prepared by Rotarian Pauline)

Just enough members to squeeze into a table today and have a cozy meeting. We welcome PP Bill and Rotarian Emba, both looking as great as ever!

President Maureen reported on activities past, present and future:

  1. Calcutta Night – a total of HKD22,000 were raised for Crossroads
  2. IPP Howard was reminded to get the Viral marketing started within a week
  3. Vision screening for the Special Needs Children will be on the 25 and 26 th Nov. Details will be released soon.
  4. The next vision screening in Guangxi will be early December. Apart from the vision screening, we also plan to visit two primary schools’ dormitories which were reported (Winnie from Habitat) to be in very bad condition. PP Ramesh indicated interest to join.
  5. The leprosy book is being developed and copies will be sold with bags and tissue box covers made by ethnic minority peoples from Yunnan. Rotarian Pauline found a distributor for these (latter) items in Nanning. The money was intended to upgrade the living conditions of the LAP (Leprosy-affected people) we visited in Fusui during the last trip to Guangxi.
  6. There will be a Crossroads working day after the Chinese New Year.
  7. Stride for a Cure will be on 5 th Nov. So far, 19 members (& guests) from our club will participate.
  8. Water project in Duan. This will commence in March 2007 as there is water shortage until then. The principal has agreed to try the ‘sun-bathing’ technique to improve water quality. He would be waiting for instructions on how to build the rack and the dimensions etc.. from President Maureen. We will follow this up in our next trip to Duan.
  9. Duan Furnishing project. Rotarian Pauline went to Duan in mid Sept with Jimmy and Winnie from Habitat. Rotarian Pauline made a presentation to show members what had been done/bought in the primary school and the kindergarten. The presentation is on our website – go to our home page and click “Guangxi Furnishing Project” to view presentation.

In the presentation, we can see many children enjoying the new facilities added, particularly the sports items. These children used to huddle and squat in corners doing nothing in particular, waiting for classes to start. Now they can enjoy playing ping pong and badminton and basket ball, thanks to the help from Rotary Club. The children would love to say THANK YOU to all members who made this happen.

President Maureen invited members to give a vote of thanks to Jimmy, Winnie and Rotarian Pauline for their effort in this project.

Members were reminded about My Fair Lady which will be on the 9 th Dec. Those interested to purchase tickets for this play should contact Rotarian Suzie. Our Christmas party this year will be on the 15 th Dec.

President Maureen reported that we currently have a membership number of 34 (this includes Brian who is in Shanghai).

District Events

  1. Intercity meeting. President Bill Boyd of RCI will be coming to HK. There will be a dinner meeting on the 21 st Nov in Shangri La ( Kowloon), and each club will be responsible for a table. The cost of a table is $6000. PP Bill, PP Bruce and President Maureen will be going. More members are invited to attend this meeting
  2. Horse Racing Lunch. This will be on the 16 th Dec at 1.00pm in Shatin. President Maureen has booked a table, the best table, for the club. All members and guests are welcome. President Maureen and Jorn, Suzie and possibly IPP Howard will be going.
  3. Vocational Services Lunch will be held on Tuesday 24 th Oct at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. President Maureen will be attending with Pauline.
  4. The overall attendance of our club was bad and members were asked to try to do e-make up.
  5. PP Steve and MS are now qualified for exemption and we should be sure that their status is altered as such as soon as possible as this will affect our attendance record.
  6. To encourage attendance, members will be encouraged to bring a friend on 10 th Nov. The cost for the friend will be $100.

Until next meeting…….