Volume 08 Issue 01

Luncheon Meeting 6th July 2006
no lunch meeting

District Installation Dinner
(read our article on this event in our homepage)

Meeting on the 13th July
(prepared by Rotarian Pauline)

President Angela’s very first meeting, officially as president.

President Angela welcomed every body back, and we have a new member inducted at this meeting – Dr Anthony Li.

Welcome Anthony!!

Hmm… not sure why everybody stood up here!!

PP Ian informed members that our account has been sorted out and Macau has paid the amount owed to our Club.

It was also suggested that we should let District know of our commitment to the Mongolia project.

President Angela presented a brief talk about her trip to the convention in Salt Lake City. She booked a suite but failed to sit in all the chairs in the suite during her stay.

She also gave a summary of the laws and by-laws of RC (see presentation in our homepage). The new law is that we need to have 50% attendance (instead of 60%) and District expects 2 new members per year.

President Angela also held a special pinning ceremony (though everybody absolutely refused to bend over!) for board members.

Ouch, ouch…..ouch!!!

Now stand still and stop being such a baby!

There! See, it did not hurt a bit right? (oops…what’s that red spot there…!!)

I’m going to have to hold my breath! Why can’t I pin the pin myself?!

Now be careful, now! This is my new suit!

AND, because I have been very, very good (ahem!), I get to take a second photo!

Members were reminded that we will need to organize some fund raising events as we do not have much money in our account. All members are encouraged to participate.

Box collection: $960.

Until next meeting…….