Volume 16 Issue 01

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I hope that you all could enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Here are the results of our first out of three Fellowship Bowling Evenings.

Last Friday, 23rd September, we met at around 6,30 pm at Hong Kong Club.
Our PP David Lindsay had coordinated and arranged this fun-bowling evening with the outstanding team of the Hong Kong Club.

With our good friend, Bill Hoffmann, a former Bowling World-Champion, we had absolute competence in bowling
that evening. As master of ceremonies he had worked out procedures and rules for this team-event.

After a very entertaining and funny team competition we experienced a final round with 3 double-teams in a shoot-out
which ended with a clear win for our first champions: PP David Lindsay & Simon Lloyds.

A delicious dinner followed and ended this wonderful fellowship evening at the Hong Kong Club.

On Friday 25th November we will have our second leg of Fellowship Bowling at the Hong Kong Football Club.

Best regards


Rainer Jungjohann

The winning Team  PP David Lindsay and  Simon Lloyds Rotary Club Kowloon North Fellowship Bowling  at Hong Kong Club